We are a business law boutique with a highly skilled, experienced yet modern and flexible perspective on legal work. Our lawyers’ entrepreneurial experience and cross-industry knowledge allow for seamless customized solutions for specific, unique client needs, solving complex briefs with precise strategy. Our members have owned a variety of companies, including bars, restaurants, management companies and tech startups. We can empathize with investors and educate executives, while working to establish synergies between both.






Our corporate practice is as diverse and dynamic as our clients. We strive to serve as a business' general counsel offering guidance and expertise through the life-cycle of any company. Whether the client is a start-up technology company or a multi-generational construction contractor we provide the appropriate guidance, advice and strategy planning to allow our clients the ability to focus on whatever it is that they do best.  

There is no transaction too small or too large for our lawyers. We have completed cross-border transactions, structured multi-tiered deals, crafted unique and usable private placement memorandum and everything in between. We work at a rapid pace to meet the demands of our clients but do not skimp on our attention to detail. As advocates or mediators, we are the right fit for every size, shape and type of business.  





Whether trying to parlay a few recipes and a good concept into a functioning restaurant or brewery, expanding an existing operation to new locations, or taking regional success into a national chain, Troglia Kaplan helps chefs, brewers, distillers, winemakers, hotel operators, and restauranteurs take their vision to reality.  

With our clients ranging from James Beard Award Winners to fast food concepts, dive bars to Michelin stars, our attorneys understand everything a restaurant needs to get off the ground and stay successful. We can fill the gaps in an experienced team, help an individual understand the multi-faceted needs of a hospitality operation, or help strategically manage ongoing concerns to maximize profitability and synergy with your partners and investors. 

As former owners, operators, and employees of restaurants, Troglia Kaplan's attorneys are able to better understand the day-to-day experiences of our clients, which allows us to better aid them in strategically planning their high level decisions.  

We assist restaurant, bar, and hotel owners, as well as liquor manufacturers and distributors, in negotiating leases and property purchases, negotiating with contractors and suppliers, and establishing and strategically structuring their corporate existence.  We are able to aid in determining and executing the best fundraising strategies - whether they be private fundraising, landlord contributions, bank financing, or government-backed programs - and once the process is in motion, procuring all required licenses, including liquor licensing, which can often involves issues that can only be solved with experience. Once your project is wildly successful we can still help - by expanding or selling your establishment to help you reap the financial benefits of your hard work. 



Music & Entertainment


We do not accept "industry standards" as the benchmark for our clients. Whether our clients are Grammy-winning artists or producers, filmmakers, developing artists, authors, creative agencies or recognized production companies, our consistent focus is to maximize the earning potential of our client's creative work and services while protecting her rights throughout her career. We rely on our expertise, knowledge and experience to provide efficient solutions to result in low-risk yet effective transactions.

We specialize in drafting, negotiating and navigating recording, publishing, management, booking, licensing and distribution agreements. We serve as an overall resource for all of our clients and inform our clients of opportunities through licensing, sponsorships, and rights management as well as safeguard their intellectual property through registrations, clearances and monitoring infringement. 

As the entertainment industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it is our goal to stay knowledgeable on creative outlets, strategies and trends in order to best serve and contribute to the successes of our clientele.



Real Estate


With the growth of our hospitality business, we have expanded our practice by adding expertise in commercial real estate transactions. Should your business need a simple review of a commercial lease or you are looking to utilize property as an investment,  we have the legal experts to help you every step of the way.  

Our exhaustive attention to our clients' needs extends into the extreme detail of a multitude of real estate transactions. Understanding the numerous potential issue areas of property ownership or tenancy and being able to point them out prior to their occurrence allows us to guide our clients through the oftentimes voluminous transaction documents. We are adept at saving our clients time and expense while rigorously protecting their interests. Whether it is a private sale or an institutional lender is involved, we have the experience and contacts to make sure your real estate transaction meets your financial and business needs.


Troglia_Kaplan_Intellectual Property.jpg

Intellectual Property


An often overlooked area for busy business operators and owners is the value in their brand names, service offerings and products. Entrepreneurs will spend small fortunes in marketing materials, branding and product development but may miss the crucial step of ensuring that all such material is protected and registered correctly. In serving as our clients' general counsel, Troglia Kaplan takes a comprehensive approach to analyzing the current and potential intellectual property assets of any of our clients. We act efficiently in securing copyrights and trademark registrations while providing additional monitoring services for pre-established and registered property.

Whether our client develops a new brand of whiskey, a new mobile app or writes a new composition, we take the lead in filing all necessary applications, responses and, when necessary, oppositions or appeals. Should our client receive a cease and desist letter or a dispute arise involving intellectual property, we continue with our efficient method of legal work and look for the best possible outcome and solution for our client. We have been on both the plaintiff and defendant side of intellectual property disputes and have a proven track record of vigorously advocating on behalf of our clients. 


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Our firm's approach is simple - You tell us where, when and why. We tell you how. From individuals and small local businesses to national entities, we support all of your immigration needs. We handle all matters of immigration with a specialization in investment visa (EB-5, E-2 and L-1A New Office) and highly skilled professional visa (EB-1A, EB-2 NIW and O-1). Having extensive experience through every step of the complex immigration process, coupled with our vast network of professionals with whom we collaborate, gives us a unique advantage in ensuring that our clients’ interests are protected and advanced throughout.