Troglia Kaplan is a firm engineered to efficiently and effectively serve your business needs. Our group of attorneys and corporate specialists provide legal counsel and services for a wide variety of businesses.  We work with our clients, regardless of their scale or industry, as general counsel offering advice and guidance on all aspects of their business needs. 

Like our clients, we tap into our talent to solve problems. We combine sound business practices with extensive legal and technological experience for creative solutions. With every challenge, we look to facilitate efficient transactions that maximize the benefits for our clients, while informing them of their risks and limiting their exposure.

At Troglia Kaplan, we have seasoned legal experience in the hospitality, entertainment, gaming, and corporate sectors, all rooted in a strong business background – our members have owned a variety of companies, including bars, restaurants, management companies and tech startups. We can empathize with investors and educate executives, while working to establish synergies between both.

Our specialists in intellectual property, corporate structuring, entertainment ventures, real estate leasing, employee relations, debt financing, fundraising, and licensing, coupled with our vast network of professionals with whom we collaborate, ensures we can expediently find a solution to whatever it is you seek.

Troglia Kaplan. Business. Law.